Specialized Transportation Services

We have a vast array of experience within our teams of transport experts that can offer a wide variety of specialist transportation services. We have particular expertise in the moving of heavy equipment and perishable foodstuffs.

Hazardous Materials

We have storage and transport facilities for many types of hazardous materials including oil, gas and other petrochemicals. We will ensure that all safety protocols are adhered to and that the necessary licenses and permits are applied for on your behalf. Contact us to see how we can assist you in the transport of your hazardous cargo.

Cold Storage

With a fleet of modern, temperature regulated lorries and purpose built cold-storage facilities at our warehouses, we can ensure that perishable and temperature sensitive goods such as foodstuffs can be transported without spoiling.

Heavy Loads

Together with our sister companies, Al Moherbie Transport and Abnormal Load Engineering (ALE), who can supply one of only three heavy lifters in the Emirates, we have the equipment to move any load. We can arrange for road haulage and sea transfers of industrial equipment as required.

Ship to Ship Transfers

We can facilitate ship to ship transfer of oil and gas, most usually from VLCC and ULCC to smaller vessels.

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