Ship Supply Services

Whilst at sea, a crew is completely dependent on the stocks the ship has been supplied with. Ensuring that nothing has been overlooked or allowed to deplete to a minimal stock, is essential for the well-being and morale of your crew.


Our team of chandlers can provide you with whatever goods and services you require during your time in port and will ensure that your supplies are replenished quickly and efficiently. Simply get in touch with a list of your requirements and we will do the rest.


We have a full bunkering service to ensure that you are fuelled and ready to go as soon as your cargo is loaded.

Speed of service

We can source almost any item you require and, given sufficient notice, ensure that it is ready and waiting for loading when you berth. We understand shipping and know you do not want to be detained in port any longer than necessary to unload and reload your cargo.

Off-shore support

We have a modern fleet of off-shore supply vessels comprising platform supply and anchor handling tug supply vessels which can be used to provide essential supplies on a regular or one-off basis.

We are dedicated to ensure the highest quality of service throughout your experience with ADSA
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