Ship to Ship Operations

We have many years of experience supporting the oil and gas industries, including the provision of support of ship-to-ship transfers.
Due to the dimensions of VLCC and ULCC ships it can prove difficult, if not impossible, to dock them for unloading or loading and a ship-to-ship transfer to a smaller vessel may prove to be necessary. Ship to ship transfers also reduce the time spent berthing, and of course the cost of berthing.
Whilst this comes with an increased risk of loss of cargo, that risk is minimised by taking advantage of our experienced staff.

Getting it right first time

We will co-ordinate between the ships involved to ensure they rendezvous successfully and will ensure that the required notifications are made to the relevant port authorities. We assist with the provision of fenders, hoses and other ancillary equipment needed to complete the transfer. We also monitor the transfer and ensure that the paperwork and logs are filled in correctly after the transfer.

Safety first

We always adhere to the MARPOL requirements for STS services and can provide MARPOL mooring masters to oversee the transfer. We adhere to local, ICS/OCIMF and SIGTTO guidelines and comply fully with Marpol Chapter 8 requirements.

We are dedicated to ensure the highest quality of service throughout your experience with ADSA
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