Liner Agency

As a complete logistics company, we are able to offer a superior liner agency service. We can arrange for the collection and distribution of your cargo, as well as dealing with any insurance claims or legal issues you may have during your lay in.

Freight Forwarding

We can arrange for your shipment to be transferred onward through our freight forwarding network. We also arrange for carriage via road, air and sea through our comprehensive network, using both our own infrastructure and that of trusted partners.

We have the experience to deal with any cargo but have particular expertise in dealing with, and supporting the oil and gas, and iron and steel industries. We can also arrange for perishable items to be transferred to refrigerated lorries for onward travel.


We have two purpose-built warehouse units and can arrange for your goods to be transferred into storage if that is what you require. We can offer storage facilities for loose or containerised items as well as those that require refrigeration or are hazardous in nature.


Should the ship or cargo be damaged during the voyage, we can act as a go-between whilst you make your insurance claim and assist you with the required formalities.

We are dedicated to ensure the highest quality of service throughout your experience with ADSA
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