Industrial Packaging

As part of our warehousing and distribution services, we can offer a variety of packaging solutions. One of the more difficult parts of shipping extremely large, bulky or unusually shaped items can be ensuring that it doesn’t come to harm during the journey, and that it is prevented from causing damage to the ship, lorry or container it is being transported in.
We have expertise in choosing the right packaging solution for each individual scenario making sure that your equipment and goods arrive at their destination in the same condition they started their journey.

Crating Services

We offer a bespoke crating service for the shipping of unusual items that do not fit into standard shipping crates.

Large Items

Together with our sister companies, Al Moherbie Transport and Abnormal Load Engineering (ALE), we can arrange for the packaging, delivery and shipping of unusual or heavy items. We can provide the necessary packaging to ensure that the item is shipped safely including tie-downs, netting, lashing, crating and padding.

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