Industrial Crating Services

If you are moving a large, delicate or complex item, you need to be sure that the people doing the moving know what they’re doing. Not all items can be shipped in a standard “tea-chest” crate and many items need intricate crating to support them during sea and road voyages.


Our experienced team of engineers have been building crates for shipping for many years and their experience shows in the quality of our service. We are confident that we can design and build a crate for shipping almost anything, however large or small, delicate or robust it may be.

Nothing too big

We can handle the crating requirements for any item. We have partnerships with our sister companies who can provide heavy lifting expertise, whilst we provide the packaging, to move all types of complex machinery and parts.

Nothing too small

Size isn’t everything. We can also build or supply custom crates for smaller, yet delicate, items that nonetheless need careful packaging whilst in transit.

Standard crates

If what you require is simplicity we can simply offer you a selection of standard sized crates for packing everything from books to xylophones.

Help and Advice

Get in touch now to discuss your crating requirements. If you aren’t sure whether you need a custom crate or how many crates you will fill, then our trained advisers can help you work it out.

We are dedicated to ensure the highest quality of service throughout your experience with ADSA
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