Immigration & Clearance Services (Vessel / Crew)

For entry into Abu Dhabi, a clearance agent is required, and we can act as your clearance agent to organise the necessary crew visas, customs inspections and navigation permits.

Navigation Permits

Foreign vessels may sail for 21 days in Abu Dhabi’s territorial waters before they need to apply for a navigation permit. In the case where your vessel remains in port for long enough to require a permit, we can assist you in your application and ensure that the necessary paperwork has been completed.

Crew Visas

For short visits of less than 48 hours, a visa may not be required – instead passports may be retained by the immigration authorities. We can advise on which nationalities require a visa and assist crew members in their applications should they require one.

Customs Inspections

We will facilitate any customs inspections that are required by the authorities and advise you on items which are prohibited or strongly controlled within the UAE. We can advise on the customs protocols and how to ensure that goods are correctly certified at their originating port in order to minimise delays on arrival.

Other Immigration Services

For information on how we can help with any of these or any other immigration services please get in touch using the contact form provided and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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