Corporate/Office Relocations

Moving offices can be even more stressful than moving house. A carefully managed move should be possible with minimum disruption to the company as a whole. This limits the amount of business you risk losing through enforced downtime of various departments.


We can help with all aspects of planning your office relocation. Our multilingual relocation team can survey your current offices to give you an estimate of the number of packing crates you will need and the time it will take to transfer everything to the new offices. We can also help with planning the new office layout and advising on any furniture or fixtures you will need to order before your move.

In Action

Our experienced removal teams can pack your offices on the schedule that suits you. We can pack down the entire company, or work on a department by department or even team by team basis. We use labelling and photographs to ensure that everything is delivered to precisely where it is supposed to be. We can even arrange for the transfer of archived files to a document archiving facility.


Should you need to store some or all of your business equipment during the relocation, we can assist using our purpose-built warehouse and storage facilities.

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