Cargo Surveyors & Insurance Agents

Safety at sea is of paramount importance and it is the job of our experienced team of cargo surveyors to ensure that your cargo is loaded correctly. We will complete the draft survey paperwork to certify what your ship is carrying and that it is not overloading or unbalancing the vessel.

General Condition

We survey the cargo to ensure that it is correct and as described, reporting back on its general condition.


Different cargoes require different handling methods and different paperwork. We can advise on all aspects of pre-shipment preparations, including heavy lifting and transport of perishables.

Container Inspections

We can inspect containers to ensure that they are all sea-worthy and fit-for-purpose. We can test ventilation and refrigeration equipment and inspect loaded containers to ensure that they are secured for sea.

Quality Control of Foodstuffs

We specialise in shipping refrigerated and frozen items, particularly foodstuffs, and can perform quality control tests to ensure the cargo has arrived in good condition.

Marine insurance

The sea is an unforgiving environment and marine insurance is one of the earliest forms on insurance. We act as your insurance agent ensuring that your cargo is correctly and sufficiently insured against loss or damage and also offer you support should you need to make a claim.

We are dedicated to ensure the highest quality of service throughout your experience with ADSA
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