Support for the power and energy sector

The United Arab Emirates are uniquely blessed in their ability to generate power from multiple sources. Traditionally we have generous reserves of oil and gas, but these are finite and the country is currently investing $163billion in renewable sources of energy such as solar and long-term sources such as nuclear.

Movement of generators

Large scale electricity generation requires large scale generators, and our expertise in moving large and heavy items means we are well-equipped to be able to transport generation equipment whether it is imported or manufactured within the UAE. We have a fleet of specialised trailers for moving long or heavy items (or even long and heavy items) and will work with the police to obtain permits and escorts as needed.

Specialist transport of delicate equipment

Our business is not just about moving large, otherwise immobile pieces of equipment. We can provide transport of more delicate items such as solar panels. We have an army of craters and packers to ensure that your equipment arrives in one piece.

Hazardous materials

We have facilities to deal with the transport and isolation of hazardous materials such as coolant chemicals. We can arrange for their transport to your plant from the manufacturers and also arrange for the transport of spent materials to be disposed of safely. We ensure that all the necessary permits for transport of materials are obtained and that the vehicles used to do so meet the required standards for the type of hazard the material poses.

Let us know how we can help

We like a challenge and as the power and energy sector is growing quicker than ever, we are sure you have plenty of challenges for us. So, give us a call or drop us an email and see how we can respond to your challenge.

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