Support for the Oil and Gas industries

We have comprehensive support for the important Emirati industries of oil and gas extraction. We can provide both support to the rigs and plants as well as distribution for the products. From providing ships capable of supply rigs and off-shore installations to initiating ship-to-ship transfers, we are fully committed to providing our oil and gas industry with the level of support it requires from the shipping industry.

Off-shore support services

With our modern fleet of platform supply and anchor handling tug supply vessels, we are able to schedule regular supply runs to your off-shore installations. We can also provide ad-hoc support on a case by case basis should you need to send extra supplies unexpectedly.

Ship to ship transfers

As crude carriers get even larger, it becomes more important to have the capability to transfer oil and gas without docking. We can assist with all aspects of transferring oil and gas ship-to-ship including overseeing the transfer and filling in the log books to confirm that the correct transfer has taken place.

Hazardous Materials

We have dedicated facilities at our purpose-built warehouses for the storage and handling of hazardous petrochemicals, including oil and gas. We can store anything if required. We also transfer your cargo onwards by road or sea and can obtain all necessary permits and authorisations on your behalf.

Equipment movement and supply

With our expertise in heavy lifting and movement of abnormal loads we can move equipment and infrastructure such as drilling rigs from site to site as required.

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