Support for the Iron and Steel Industries

We have a long history of providing logistics and distribution support to the iron and steel industries. Iron, and its close relation steel, are heavy and bulky items that require careful planning to ensure that items are transported safely.

Sea Shipping

Iron ore is an important dry cargo and in 2016 UAE imported $190million worth of ore. We can offer a full unloading and delivery service for your plant.
With expert stevedores to supervise the loading of steel and iron cargoes, we can facilitate the export of manufactured goods. Being dense, it is important that iron and steel cargoes are tied down securely whilst at sea to ensure the load does not move and risk unbalancing the ship, causing capsize or loss of cargo.
Our experienced tallymen will ensure that the correct cargo has been loaded or unloaded.

Heavy Loads

We can work together with our partners, Al Moherbie Transport and Abnormal Load Engineering (ALE), to move heavy loads using one of only three heavy lifters in the UAE. We have moved many heavy loads including furnaces and steel girders.

Oversized and Abnormal Loads

We can arrange for the shipment and delivery of unusually shaped or sized manufactured items. We have specialist lorry trailers which can move almost anything mobile. We will plan the entire journey from dock to site, taking into account any fixed features and adjusting the route accordingly. On your behalf, we will ensure that any necessary permissions are sought from the relevant authorities to enable the journey to proceed and our highly trained drivers will deliver your item as agreed.

Export and Storage

We have dedicated warehouse facilities where goods can be storage prior to export. We can also assist with ensuring that the export paperwork is completed, and the cargo correctly identified.

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