Transportation of goods

ADSA started out with a vision to be the best port and liner agency they could be. Since our founding in 1979 we have grown considerably and have since branched out into the wider world of logistics and shipping.

Although we have our specialisms, we can move almost any cargo you need moving. Through our partnerships with other companies we can arrange for freight forwarding both by air and sea and thence for onward distribution of your products.

Logistics and Distribution

We have two purpose-built warehouse facilities in Abu Dhabi. These are available to loose, palletised and containerised goods and from our warehouse facilities we can provide distribution of your products to your end customers.

Freight Forwarding

Where a shipment needs to be moved internationally we can arrange for it to be shipped through one of our partner companies who will forward it to its eventual destination.
For cargoes that need speedy delivery, we can arrange for your freight to be flown out of the country. For items that can travel by sea, it is usually preferable to ship them as far as possible across the ocean in order to keep shipping costs low.

Ship Chartering

Should you need to move a large amount of stock, we can arrange for you to charter a ship on a voyage basis. We can handle all the formalities for you and act as your agent making the process as easy as putting a single container on the back of a lorry.


We offer a full industrial packaging and crating service for products that cannot be sent in standard packaging.

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