How ADSA provides defence logistics

Like us, the armed forces are based in Abu Dhabi which, together with our expertise in shipping and logistics makes us an ideal partner for the defence industry.


Our logistics division can ensure the rapid and secure delivery of orders and coordinate your supply chain so that you can be sure of having the components and raw materials ready when you need them.

Heavy and unusual items

We have a fleet of specially commissioned trailer and tractor units for the movement of oversized, heavy and extra-long loads. These are equally at home moving ordnance and armoured vehicles as they are at moving iron girders and electric generators.
We can plan routes for the movement of abnormal loads and liaise with our sister companies, Al Moherbie Transport and Abnormal Load Engineering (ALE), who can provide extra heavy lifting support being the operators of one of only three heavy lifters in the Emirates.


We have a long history of providing import and export support and we can offer this service to our defence partners as well. We can arrange for voyage charters to ensure that your cargo is carried safely and securely if you so require. If you own or charter your own shipping we can provide vessel husbandry, bunkering, chandlery and stevedore services as you require.

Import and export

As experienced port agents, we have well-established partnerships and understand import and export protocols. We can assist with ensuring that import and export paperwork has been correctly completed and submitted to the relevant authorities so that your shipment is not unduly delayed by red tape or impounded by customs agencies.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

We are dedicated to ensure the highest quality of service throughout your experience with ADSA
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