Movement of cars and other vehicles

Around half a million new cars are imported into and sold in the UAE every year, and we are ideally placed to assist with getting the cars from the ship to the sales floor.

Dockside services

We can arrange for the unloading of ships laden with automotive cargoes and ensure that they are berthed in the most convenient positions for unloading. Our experienced stevedores take the utmost care with all cargo and will ensure that the correct destinations are identified as each vehicle or container is removed from the hold.


We have an army of drivers who will deliver your car or cars safely to your showroom. We have standard fifth-wheel tractor units that can move both car transporters and cars shipped in containers ready for unloading onto the forecourt.

Other Vehicles

We can also move larger items – including lorries, tractors, construction machinery and buses with our heavy and abnormal load handling facilities. Where vehicle are too large to fit onto a normal trailer, we will ensure that necessary police permits and escorts are obtained to allow it to travel as a wide or long load.


We can also arrange for the transfer of boats on one of our custom-built transport units. We have cranes suitable for supporting a boat whilst transferring it to a transport cradle to prevent stress to the hull and we will plan the route in advance and double-check all clearances to ensure that the boat does not come to any harm.

Need a lift?

If you are in the automotive industry and need a partner who can take care of your high value stock, then look no further. Contact us today to see how we can support your business and what services we can offer you.

We are dedicated to ensure the highest quality of service throughout your experience with ADSA
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